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Engage website visitors through Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a customer engagement tool that lets you chat with your prospects in real-time and analyze the behavior of your site’s visitors. This means you can use the app to approach potential clients at just the right time to boost sales! The app can raise your odds of closing more deals faster. Especially if you put all of its top features to work.

Read on to learn more about what Zoho SalesIQ has to offer.

1. Live chat

Live chat can easily increase your profits by shortening your sales cycle and making it more cost-effective.

Define circumstances in which personalized messages will be sent to your site visitors. Start a conversation at a perfect time and encourage them to try out your product or service.

Zoho SalesIQ will also help you recognize repeat customers. Why not offer them a loyalty discount to show them you care? It’s a nice way to not only boost sales, but also increase trust in your brand.

A live chat option on your website means that potential customers can get quick answers to burning questions without having to wait. Just like they would in a physical store. This makes your online sales process more responsive and reliable. To avoid wasting time on repeat questions, set up automatic answers to FAQs as articles in the chat. Also, you can even add live chat to your email signature so that you don’t miss out on any sales!

2. Audio call and screen sharing


Some issues are too complicated to solve in a chat.

This is why Zoho SalesIQ lets your sales or customer support representatives start an audio call directly from the chat. It can save them time and they can use their voice to soothe an irritated customer.

No hardware, downloads or extensions are necessary to make the audio calls work. You can do everything from a browser! And because the call starts from a chat, all the context of the issue is preserved. This means that the client doesn’t have to explain everything all over again or wait on hold.

The screen sharing feature lets your agents walk your client through a demo or show them a solution. They can even ask the client to share their screen so that they can suggest a more tailored solution.

Customers can leave you voice messages when no one is available. You can also set call permissions to prevent being overwhelmed by too many calls.

zoho salesiq live call

3. Manage multiple brands

For businesses who run multiple brands and webpages, the Brands feature makes the Zoho SalesIQ app a single platform for multiple live chat channels.

The feature lets you create different live chat widgets for different websites. This way customers with different interests and needs don’t get mixed up or paired with a wrong sales agent. Unnecessary mixups just waste everybody’s time. And you won’t be selling a software solution to someone who’s looking to book a holiday!

Using unique chat widgets for each brand also means you can customize the looks and settings of your chats to match that particular brand.

4. Chat widget customization

This feature lets you stay true to your brand. You don’t have to settle with a generic look of your live chat, nor do you have to just go with the default position on the webpage.

You can make your chat a floating widget that stays on the screen as the user scrolls down the page. But it doesn’t interfere with their actions! It’s a subtle way to always stay at your customer’s disposal.

A live chat can also appear in the shape of a button widget. Place it anywhere on the page where it makes the most sense for your customer to reach out.

The Zoho SalesIQ app offers many different widget styles for you to choose from. But if nothing works for your brand, you have the option to upload a custom sticker made by you or your team.

You can also customize the size, looks and colors of your chat window, as well as its content and messaging.

Example 1

Example 2

5. Chat routing

The default setting in Zoho SalesIQ app is that all available operators get notified about all new chats. But with the chat routing option, you can filter chats and send them to specific operators. This way you can separate your departments and make sure that queries get to the right agents.

Set rules and criteria to filter customers in a specific way. You can use this to send a high priority prospect to the most qualified sales agent. Or, you can use the app’s default rules to make sure that your agents get the same amount of queries, so no one gets burnt out.

Equal distribution of work will help you keep your employees happy while still maintaining, or even improving, their speed and efficiency.

6. Visitor tracking

The visitor tracking feature gives you insight into who your customers are and how they behave on your site in real time. It gives you key information like their name, country, time spent on your website and the source through which they got to your site. You can also see if a user has already visited your page, clicked on the chat or had a live chat session with you.

These are all predefined visitor actions that you can immediately track, but it’s possible to specify other actions you’d like to know about. Set prioritization criteria to filter out high quality leads to increase your chances of making a sale.

View the data in a ring or list view. Any visitors that don’t match any of your criteria will be marked as cold visitors.

Example 1

Example 2

7. Analytics

The analytics feature lets you generate reports for all your departments during a specific time period. You can see the stats for all your visitors, like the number of calls, closed or missed calls, where they are from and more.

The feature also gives you an overview of your operators’ performance. Learn who your top performers are, see what hours of the day are the busiest and see if your resources are smartly allocated or if your operators spend too much time without work.

8. Mobile app

Zoho SalesIQ mobile app helps you stay in touch with your customers even on the go. Get insights of every visitor’s history of interactions with your site and your team wherever you are!

Get a notification every time a new visitor comes to your site and immediately know if they’re a high quality lead or not. You don’t have to be at your desk to respond to any new chats and have audio calls. With the mobile app, you can stay responsive and always access a real time view of your website’s traffic.

For repeat questions, just tap on a pre-made answer to save time. Customize your app settings, enable or disable notifications, and chat with your teammates to make announcements or share updates.

9. Chatbots

Not everything has to be handled by your team directly. Ease their workload and automate certain conversations. Help your customers find concrete solutions faster with the help of a chatbot! Create answers to FAQs and documents that your chatbot can suggest to customers to solve their problem.

Zobot chatbot builder lets you create fully functional chatbots with no coding experience. 

10. Integrations

Zoho SalesIQ integrations with other Zoho apps, including Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk, can bring your organization even more value. Use web chat as a part of your sales, support and marketing efforts and open up another channel of communication with your existing and potential clients.


The app can help you boost sales by tailoring all conversations to your clients’ needs.

Send personalized messages, hop on audio calls and connect your customers with the right sales agents. Manage multiple live chats for different brands, use chatbots and the mobile version of the app to streamline your sales process. Customize the appearance and messaging of your chat to match your brand, get key information about your site visitors and create relevant reports.

Maximize your ROI by using all of Zoho SalesIQ top features.

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