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Run Your Business on Zoho One

Are you looking for an all-in-one toolkit for your business? Then the Zoho One app bundle is worth considering. The bundle contains 50+ Zoho apps that will cover any and all needs your business might have. Take care of your sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, operations and recruiting departments with tried-and-tested Zoho apps.

The one advantage of investing in a bundle of apps designed by the same company is that they integrate amazingly well! Having a patchwork of different tools that are often conflicted with each other is not the best way to optimize your business processes. Instead, you could rely on a well-connected smooth-running operating system. Help your departments work together and lower the amount of friction by introducing automation to your day-to-day work life.

And the best part? With the Zoho One bundle, you can create a perfect custom fit designed to answer the needs of your business. So, forget about solutions that force you into a predetermined mold. Keep reading to learn more about how the Zoho One app bundle can help each segment of your business.

1) Boost your sales

Your sales team can save a lot of time and close more deals with a reliable sales tool. Zoho One contains an exhaustive set of apps that help your team create a reliable and repeatable sales process that can be continuously optimized. Use automation to save time and tweak your process even further!

Your chances of closing a deal increase if you can meet your customers where they’re at. That’s why Zoho supports selling across all channels: email, phone, social media, live chat and online meetings. Also, Zoho mobile apps can support your sales people even when they’re working on a deal in person!

Zoho CRM is one of the apps that can revolutionize your sales process. It lets you create customer records to keep track of all the key data you’ve gathered on your (potential) customers, including past conversations. When Zoho CRM is integrated with Zoho Books you can create quotes, estimates and invoices and with the Zoho Sign integration you can generate contracts to seal the deal.

Make your sales team’s job easier. Let them easily scan collected business cards into the CRM, write sales documents, create persuasive presentations and much more. Get all of that in a single app bundle!

2) Make marketing more efficient

Building your presence on the market and attracting new leads can be time-consuming. But with the right tools, your marketing team will be able to get better returns on any investment you make in marketing. Zoho One bundle contains plenty of apps that can quickly boost your marketing efforts.

Improve your website with a Website Builder, perform some A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t, track your goals and analyze the behavior of your website’s visitors. Use all of that info to continuously tweak your approach and achieve better results. Use the apps from the Zoho One bundle, like Zoho Campaigns, to create personalized experiences for your audience and connect with them across different channels. Build email marketing campaigns, use forms and surveys to collect information and keep an eye on all your social media efforts. You can also organize live events or use live chat to connect with your audience even more!

The bundle lets you use the power of marketing automation to shorten sales cycles and offload manual tasks. Better efficiency leaves more time for work that matters.

3) Offer top-notch customer support

A great customer support can do wonders for your business reputation. And it can encourage buyers to come back for another purchase! That’s why Zoho One offers a number of apps that help you provide the best customer service on the market. Zoho Desk is one of the most powerful apps in the bundle.

With the bundle, you’ll be able to help your customers across all communication channels – email, phone, social media, live chat or self-service. No matter where you detect an issue, you can easily create a new ticket. You can even take over your client’s desktop and offer remote assistance.

Use Blueprint to automate your customer support process. A highly structured process with defined steps will help your service agents provide the best customer experience – and it will shorten the onboarding of new employees. Use Zoho’s AI to speed up your processes even further! Zoho’s customer support apps will smoothly connect your agents with other teams. This means they’ll be able to ask for help when needed and solve customer’s issues much more quickly. And that’s key for customer satisfaction.

4) Nurture your people and company culture

Any growing company knows the value of treating their employees well. It maintains and nurtures the company culture, takes care of employees and seeks out new ones. Zoho One bundle can help with all of that.

Let your HR employees easily create new job openings, schedule interviews, track the status of candidates and send out official job offers. The sheer number of received resumes can sometimes be overwhelming. But with Zoho, all the resumes can automatically be turned into searchable candidate records! Zoho Recruit is a great app to help with recruiting new employees.

You can also create an automated onboarding process so every new employee has a similar experience. Zoho People is a tool designed to aid with keeping current team members happy. Track employee attendance, shifts and days off with less fuss. Manage timesheets to view everyone’s workload, build performance reviews and simplify payroll.

5) Use Zoho One for reliable accounting

Finances are a crucial part of any business. And a good, reliable tool will help you stay organized and informed about your earnings and expenses. Zoho One offers great accounting apps, like Zoho Books, that let you track your cash flow, manage bills and invoices, as well as control your assets and liabilities.

Zoho One toolkit allows you to create estimates, invoices and quotes. Track incoming payments and match them easily with appropriate invoices. Stay on top of your own expenses too. Send out purchase orders, scan receipts or track employee activities for accurate reimbursements.

Does your business work with subscriptions? Then Zoho Subscriptions will help you handle different stages of a customer’s life cycle. Track their trial periods, upgrades and downgrades. Oversee your whole subscription-based pricing model to make sure both you and your customers are getting the most out of it. You can also offer various payment options and customize the look of your pricing page.

6) Streamline your operations

Operations part is the one that keeps your business running. How you run your projects and organize daily tasks will determine how efficiently you can earn your money. Zoho One helps with managing orders, organizing projects and adjusting your business model.

Use the tools offered in the bundle to quickly process new orders and deploy your services. Keep track of your inventory in multiple warehouses and get notified on time when certain items need restocking. Carefully track how you’re using up your resources and set up project-based billing.

Zoho One also offers project management tools that will fit different types of projects and management styles, like Zoho Projects or Zoho Sprints. So, whether you’re using traditional or agile methodology, you’ll find the app for you. There’s also something for anyone who does business online. Zoho One bundle can take care of your online store, client portal and subscription billing.

But most importantly, the bundle lets you create custom apps and reports that fit your business processes. A whole range of third-party app integrations are available. This means you can maximize your use of any app in the bundle.

Tend to all your business needs with Zoho One bundle

Zoho One is the most comprehensive app bundle offered by Zoho. It covers the needs of virtually all departments in a business, including marketing, operations, human resources, sales, accounting and customer support. Each app solves specific issues. And connects well to all the other apps in the bundle. This means all your departments will be able to collaborate more easily.

Plus, there are plenty of customizing options, as well as third-party integrations available.

But maybe you feel like you don’t need all the apps offered in the Zoho One bundle? Well, maybe you don’t need them right now. But if you’re planning to grow your business, you’ll already have a set up system that will make it much easier to incorporate new apps when you do need them. When the time comes, you’ll be ready and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Either way, purchasing the Zoho One bundle gives you access to more than 50 tried-and-tested Zoho apps under a single license. Less hassle, more value.

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