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Zoho Books – top cloud accounting platform for SMBs

The main advantage of cloud-based bookkeeping software is the effective organizing of business transactionskeeping accounts up-to-date, and detailed reporting allows you to make better decisions in the future. Aside from having robust invoicing and payment options, Zoho Books can integrate seamlessly with multiple online payment gateways, enabling a safe payment environment. Finally, as an all-in-one bookkeeping software, it gives you clarity on expenses and can track your bills. Zoho Books lets you connect your bank account and provide real-time updates on your funds. It also has automated features that can save time. In addition, the app can help you control the inventory, opening up various opportunities. Books can be an invaluable addition for Zoho CRM users because of the easy integration and synchronized workflow, and you could take advantage of more automation options. In this article, we’ll go through essential Zoho Books features.

Zoho Books Estimates and Invoices

Accounting starts with estimates and invoices because companies aim to earn money. Zoho Books allows you to create quick estimates and add contact and item details. Then, you can send estimates in a matter of minutes, which can be time-saving if you’re negotiating with multiple clients.

Once the deal is done, convert an estimate to an invoice with a click. The solution provides a massive gallery of template invoices with customization options to create a branded invoice.

Zoho Books adds a layer of security with a digital sign feature and better collaboration with customers through the Client Portal. You can work on details in real-time without timely calls and email correspondence. In addition, the software has an automatic follow-up feature, supports multi-currency pricing, and allows you to create recurring invoices.

Purchase Orders and Bills in Zoho Books accounting

You can create purchase orders in Zoho Books to can track items and prices for all of your orders. The software allows you to convert purchase orders into bills. App has real-time reports that let you identify vendors and most frequent purchases. It also allows you to share purchase orders with other team members.

Time-saving automation is available with bills. For example, you can create an open bill for your purchases, and the software can automatically adjust the stock level when the items come into the inventory.

If you have regular purchases, you can create recurring bills the app can send to you. Other valuable features include adding landed costs to have better insight for setting-up items’ selling prices, sending bills for approval, and creating bills from purchase orders with a single click.

Easy to use financial reporting

Zoho Books will work its magic with invoicesestimatespurchase orders, and bills. On top of the basic bookkeeping features, the software has a vast choice of financial reports. The intuitive dashboard view shows all details of your income and expenditures. In addition, you can browse receivables, sales, expenses, and more in a detailed, visually appealing view.

You can schedule automated reports weekly, monthly, or at other intervals. In addition, you can segment the reports by regions or other filters with reporting tags. Zoho Books eliminates the wait for sales reps’ monthly reporting and keeps your company audit-ready.

Diverse Online Payments Options

Zoho Books is integrated with multiple popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Forte, WorldPay, Braintree, and Authorize.Net. You can start collecting payments from the software and even create an auto-charge for recurring transactions.

Accounting won’t have to call clients for payments because of the automated reminder feature. The software also allows you to get paid directly from the client portal.

Zoho Books automatically marks invoices once paid and has detailed reports on received payments. In addition, you can understand the customer preferred payment options and see the recurring trends with each Client.

Keep track of your accounts with the Banking feature in Zoho Books

The banking dashboard is an incredibly useful tool within Zoho Books that allows you to track the whereabouts of your money. You can connect and import transactions from your PayPal and banks easily. It will enable you to reconcile your accounts quickly.

The dashboard gives you cash-flow predictionsbalance mismatchespast reconciliations, and expected recurring payments. In addition, bank rules can automatically categorize your transactions, making sure nothing out of hundreds of transactions slips through your hands.

Expense Management

Zoho Books tracks your billsexpensescustomer credits, and other account payables. You can keep track of your outlay in one place. Office supplies, maintenance, and other expenses are displayed in a user-friendly dashboard. You can track, categorize, and bill expenses with ease.

If you have recurring expenses, Zoho Books allows you to create an automation and will record such expenses for you.

Client and Vendor Portals

One of the most time-saving features of Zoho Books is Client and Vendor portals. Instead of numerous calls and emails, you can collaborate on the Zoho portal to approve estimates, send them, and simplify the payment process.

Clients will have access to invoice copiesestimates, and project details, and you will be notified when the client accesses the portal and performs an action. In addition, Zoho Books Client portal enables you to get feedback directly from your clients. This improves your communication workflows and reduces the number of emails in your inbox.

Vendor portals have similar functionalities. For example, you can allow vendors to manage everything about transactions, and you will get a notification when the supplier views transactions or comments on your documents.

Zoho Books Vendor portal can add vendor invoices as bills. In addition, business partners can check the status of payments through the portal and see all transactions and statements in one place.

Zoho Books Projects module

Project management is an essential skill for managers. With this module, you can easily track all hours spent on the project. The timer widget can clock your hours automatically, or you can log them yourself.

The software allows you to control multiple projects. You can create new projects and tasks and assign them to team members. Aside from having accurate hours spent on the projects, the module lets you easily associate all expenses to a project. Other valuable features are retainer invoices and logging time on the go.

Manage Inventory with Zoho Books

Aside from being a competent accounting software, Zoho Books can keep tabs on your inventory. Organize or segment the inventory with one of many available product information. You can distinguish items based on SKU, picture, client details, cost, etc.

Zoho Books tracks the item in your organization from entry to delivery, and you will always have accurate and real-time inventory information. You will never run out of stock, adjust stock instantly, and have detailed inventory reports. On top of that, you can create a custom price list for vendors and customers.

Zoho Books Mobile Apps

Accounting software is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, and there is an app for Apple Watch, which is a highly convenient way to keep an eye on finances. The app’s key features include sending invoices, generating reports, tracking payables, and creating an environment for secure and convenient online payments.

Automation options in Zoho Books

Most errors happen in repetitive and unnecessary manual actions. Zoho Books allows you to automate high-volume tedious tasks. For example, you can create automation for recurring invoices and automatically send transactions.

Another helpful automation feature is reminders, which help get paid on time. Categorizing transactions can also be automatic so that nothing will slip through the cracks. You can also save clients’ payment details and card details so that you can auto-charge cards for recurring transactions.

Zoho Books Integration options

Zoho Books can integrate with payment gateways, other Zoho apps, Cloud and POS apps, various document providers, and also third-party apps.

Integrations with payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, or RazorPay are valuable for automating your revenue-generating processes. In addition, Zoho Books can integrate with other Zoho apps, most notably Zoho CRM.

Zoho’s accounting app also supports integration with different third party apps, including Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Uber, Slack and Twilio, among others.

Bottom line

Zoho Books is a robust finance and accounting application with all the necessary tools for creating invoices, estimates, purchase orders, bills, and other essential documents.

The software has detailed reporting options, supports integrations with online payment gateways, and enables you to monitor expenses. In addition, client and vendor portals save time and make collaboration easier to manage.

Aside from the accounting part of the software, Zoho Books helps with project management and inventory tracking and has elaborate automation options. In addition, Zoho Books has a mobile app with critical features and supports a wide range of integrations.

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