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Zoho Cliq - Using Zoho Cliq For Customer Support

“Zoho Cliq – Using Zoho Cliq For Customer Support” highlights the transformative impact of Zoho Cliq in enhancing customer service. This team chat application not only streamlines communication within organizations but also integrates seamlessly with various business tools. Dive into five essential features that make Zoho Cliq a powerful ally in customer support.

  • Streamlined Team Communication:
    Master the art of group chats and direct messaging. With Cliq, create various channels for different departments and projects, fostering an environment where support queries are efficiently managed and escalated.
  • Conversation Tracking:
    Navigate through Zoho Cliq’s innovative methods for managing customer conversations. Learn how to avoid missed messages and ensure follow-ups are handled with ease, thanks to Cliq’s ability to fork conversations into private messages.
  • Seamless Integrations and Bots:
    Implement integrations with Zoho CRM and third-party applications like Trello and Zendesk. Utilize Cliq’s native bots like Taz for setting reminders and Deskbot for managing Zoho Desk ticket alerts.
  • Cross-Device Functionality:
    Gain insights into maintaining an uninterrupted customer support dialogue across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. The guide shows how to effortlessly switch between devices, providing consistent access to past and present conversations.
  • Enhanced Interaction Tools:
    Delve into advanced communication with features like video calls, screen sharing, and the PrimeTime feature for hosting large-scale video broadcasts, adding depth to your customer support interactions.