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Zoho CRM integrations with Google apps

Zoho CRM’s open and flexible nature comes in full swing with seamless G Suite integration. Most sales teams use applications outside of CRM, and many use Google apps for business.

Google applications like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar are valuable and popular in the business environment. Still, you could have trouble with unorganized data, contacts, or other useful pieces of information.

If you use Google Calendar to set up meetings and Zoho CRM for contacts and lead information, it could be time-taxing to switch between apps to get the complete picture of a prospect and appointments. Or, if you use Gmail as your primary email client, you manually write down leads, prospect information, and notes in CRM.

Zoho CRM users can easily integrate a whole package of Google apps through Zoho CRM for G Suite. Connecting these two robust ecosystems allows you to collaborate, communicate and share information more easily over a single platform.

You don’t have to switch attention between two applications or interfaces, which helps with saving time and increasing productivity. Also, it is incredibly convenient to merge the strengths of Zoho CRM and Google apps into a single entity.

It all starts with Single Sign On

The more time you leave a sales rep to work with prospects, the more return you will get. Reaching out to leads and managing them effectively is the sales team conundrum, especially if your business is growing.

If you created a substantial lead and client base, managing emails, let alone other aspects of customer management, could be challenging.

Single Sign On is one of the essential features of adding Zoho CRM to your Google Workspace. You won’t have to remember multiple passwords and can access Zoho CRM using Google Workspace credentials.

Google Universal Navigation Bar will have your CRM activities after integration, meaning you won’t have to check Zoho CRM constantly. Instead, you can catch up on scheduled activities from Google bar.

The integration works both ways, and you can manage Google users in Zoho CRM because the user base will be automatically imported into CRM.

Import all G Suite Contacts to Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM and G Suite integration come with the Import Contacts feature. This option allows you to import contacts from G Suite to Zoho CRM.

The main benefit of Contacts import is you can access them from Zoho CRM without signing in to your Google account each time you want to import. Of course, you can import all Google contacts, but the practical advice is to import business contacts only.

All imported G Suite contacts will be assigned to you and shared with other Zoho CRM users if their roles have permissions in your organization. The great thing about the import feature is the automatic duplicate check during the data import.

Zoho CRM and Gmail integration

As one of the leading email clients, a must-have account for Android phone users, and widespread business mail, Gmail is one of the essential targets for Zoho CRM integration.

Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox is a Chrome extension for Gmail. It lets you communicate with your Zoho CRM records inside your Gmail account. This helpful extension can add new leads, contacts, or other records to Zoho CRM from the Gmail interface. You can also add notes to existing CRM records.

Here are the important options you can utilize within the Zoho CRM and Gmail:

  • Add leads or contacts directly from an email message into your CRM account
  • View all deals, campaigns assigned to contacts, and all accounts created or present in your CRM
  • Examine Leads or Contact detail in your Gmail account
  • Add other Gmail accounts to your Zoho CRM account via the Link Email option
  • Add notes or activities like events, calls, and tasks from Gmail
  • Convert leads to customers through the extension, and it will sync with your Zoho CRM

One Zoho CRM and Google Calendar to rule them all

If you use both Zoho CRM and Google apps, you could schedule a meeting in one app and won’t have that info in the other. If you integrate Zoho CRM with Google Calendar through a two-way sync, you will have both calendars working seamlessly and share crucial data between two apps.

At any moment, you can check the upcoming schedule regardless of which app you’re currently using, which is incredibly convenient and helps you never miss out on important deals.

You can edit one of the two calendars (Zoho CRM or Google) in real-time and decide whether you will apply the changes to either the Zoho CRM calendar, Google Calendar, or both.

Google AdWords integration for increased ROI

Google AdWords is the leading marketing tool for targeted promotion and advertising outreach on the market. You can integrate AdWords with Zoho CRM and analyze various crucial data within the CRM interface.

How does it work? Here’s the scenario. Potential leads are researching products or services online. During their research a Google search or display ad from one of your campaigns was presented and they clicked to get to your website. When they fill out a contact form on your website they will be created as a new lead in your Zoho CRM along with the Google Ads data including AdCampaign Name, AdGroup Name, Ad Network, Keyword and many others.

As a result, you can clarify which keywords generate more traffic or which campaign brings in more leads. Once leads are converted to contacts and associated deals are created the Google ads data is being carried over as well. Meaning that you can actually associate information about won deals with Google Ads campaigns. This enables you to make informed decisions about your marketing budget and put more money into campaigns which bring deals or to make changes in campaigns which didn’t perform up to your expectations.

Acquire leads with Google Sites

Another practical Zoho CRM integration connects the solution with Google Sites. This connection allows you to import potential customers from your website visitors.

You can generate leads by creating forms in Zoho CRM and publishing them on your Google Sites. Creating surveys through CRM webforms is another helpful tool. Both variants share the common goal of gathering valuable insights from website visitors.

Google Sites integration lets you capture visitors’ data and easily push them to your CRM. In addition, because of the Zoho CRM and Google Sites connection, you can create auto-generated replies to impress the website visitors, create engagement and prepare the field for sales reps who will pursue acquired leads.


Two trendy solutions, Zoho CRM and Google have countless options, and integrations between them helps you save time and use only one app at a time without sacrificing essential data.

Single Sign On helps you with log-in credentials, and once you integrate Google apps, you can sync Calendar and contacts. CRM data will be available with editing options within the Gmail interface. In addition, you can use Google Drive files through CRM and easily integrate leads from web forms and landing pages using Google Sites integration.

Comprehensive Google AdWords integration into Zoho CRM can help the marketing and sales team to get precise metrics on successful keywords, and campaigns, and be tied to your CRM deals.

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