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Use Zoho CRM Plus to Wow Your Customers

Is your business heavily customer-focused? Then the Zoho CRM Plus bundle can offer you all the tools you need to keep your customers happy – before, during and after a sale is made. Use it to automate unnecessary work and create data-based strategies that bring results. Monitor your sales, marketing and customer support teams, find ways to optimize their workflow and help them work together.

As a unified, pre-integrated platform, Zoho CRM Plus lets you get a full overview of the customer-facing side of your business, inside and out. The bundle is heavily customizable and open to third-party integrations. Plus, its implementation is 50% shorter than the industry average!

So let’s see how you can use Zoho CRM Plus to impress both your customers and workers.

1) Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Do you know where to find your ideal customers? Is it by email, live chat or your Instagram profile? It doesn’t really matter because Zoho CRM Plus will help you meet your users where they’re at to provide the best possible user experience – and gain some 5 star reviews.

You can use your CRM data to create personalized email campaigns and nurture your leads until they’re ready to buy (again). The bundle also offers social publishing tools. Use them to coordinate social media campaigns, see how people are interacting with your brand and connect with them through comments or mentions.

If you’re solving customers’ problems with the help of Zoho Desk, it will pull data from all the support channels you have set up. This means you can access key context for any user in a matter of seconds. SalesSignals notifies you in real time about any customer activity: when they open an email, mention you on social media or message you via live chat on your web page.

2) Inter-Team Communication

Zoho CRM Plus has all the tools your teams might need to collaborate more smoothly. Project delays caused by bad inter-team communication and loss of data are a drain on your budget and nerves. Bridge the gap between departments with apps like Zoho Projects.

Use real-time messaging to help your workers collaborate, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Let them discuss ideas or clients to make sure each prospect is taken care of in every stage of the sales process. Keep all their correspondence safely in one place. This way it’s easy to search through conversation histories and find key information just when you need it. 

Zoho’s project management apps will steer your sales, marketing and support teams in the right direction so they can work hand in hand. Organize their task lists, track milestones and create shared calendars. With Zoho CRM Plus, they can collaborate in shared documents and get instant feedback on their work.

3) Insights and Intelligence

Zoho CRM Plus can help you collect, fetch and use key insights to create a wholesome customer experience or propose a sale at just the right moment.

The bundle contains tools like Zoho Analytics that can easily handle large amounts of data. Create detailed reports, import data from almost any source and conduct multi-dimensional analysis. Track website analytics in real time, measure the success of your campaigns, set up KPIs and detect your best performers.

Dissect your website visitor data any way you like. Use it to create compelling campaigns and create intelligent sales or customer support strategies that will maximize your results. And yes, you can analyze your marketing efforts across all channels, and even your Google AdWords data!

All this will help you to not just monitor current progress, but also to create reliable forecasts. And if you need any help, or just want to save time, simply ask Zoho’s AI assistant Zia!

4) Productivity

Tools offered in Zoho CRM Plus will streamline your workflow by helping you automate simple tasks and create optimized strategies. This means improved efficiency and less time spent on boring tasks.

Use Blueprint to create systematized sales processes that incorporate both online and offline actions which your sales personnel have to follow. This also makes the onboarding of new employees much simpler! Automation will take over mundane tasks so your workers can focus on what really matters – keeping customers happy.

Automation can also help your support team by automatically assigning tickets, prioritizing them or reminding you to contact specific clients. And let’s not forget about marketing automation. Use it to segment leads, start timely conversations or trigger email campaigns.

5) Mobile Apps


The CRM Plus bundle doesn’t keep you tied to your desk. Simply download Zoho apps on your iOS or Android smartphone and bring your business with you.

Not only will you be able to view real-time information, but you’ll also be able to set up notifications, create tasks, collaborate with others, manage your contacts or monitor your social networks. Of course, the abilities depend on the app.

For example, download Zoho Projects to manage your team, assign tasks and keep them updated. Or, use the Zoho CRM mobile app to find nearby customers, access key information about them and easily upload new data you’ve gathered. Perfect for live meetings or attending conferences!

6) Administration

Instead of having to spend hours setting up each app for every department, Zoho CRM Plus is designed to simplify administrative efforts, including setup. It’s flexible enough for companies of all sizes and it’s meant to grow with your business.

The bundle already comes pre-integrated. This means you don’t have to worry about how all those different apps will work together – they’re designed for that purpose! Because Zoho apps are built within the same ecosystem, your teams will be able to equally access customer data from a unified console.

No coding is needed for setup and a centralized admin panel makes it much simpler to assign roles, credentials and user permissions across all Zoho apps. And the best part is that you won’t have to keep track of different payment cycles for a dozen different apps. Instead, you’ll get a single bill for the entire platform.

Sounds efficient, right?

Reap the benefits of investing in Zoho CRM Plus bundle

Zoho CRM plus is designed for your customer-focused departments – sales, marketing and customer support. It’ll help you nurture leads, close more deals and make sure your customers stay happy even after purchase. The whole customer lifecycle is taken care of!

A shared customer database, centralized admin panel and a unified platform makes it easy to collaborate, manage workers and their workflows, as well as create data-based business strategies. Vast automation options will save time, and instant access to all the key data paves the way for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Looking for a more complete solution for your whole business? Learn more about Zoho One.

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