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Zoho CRM - Ready To Sell On The Go

Unleashing Mobile Sales Power: Zoho CRM On the Move

Discover the game-changing tactics to turbocharge your sales process with “Zoho CRM – Ready To Sell On The Go.” This insightful ebook is crafted for the modern sales force that refuses to be anchored to their desks.

  • Instant Planning and Scheduling: Leverage the Zoho CRM mobile app to access your calendar, schedule meetings, and get timely notifications, making on-the-go planning a breeze.
  • Dashboards at Your Fingertips: Monitor your vital sales metrics through mobile dashboards, ensuring you’re always informed, regardless of your location.
  • Smart Customer Locator: Utilize Map View to identify and connect with nearby leads and clients, optimizing your travel routes and meeting schedules.
  • Meeting Tracking Made Easy: Log meetings with check-ins and voice notes for a comprehensive record, assisting in refining your sales strategies with accurate data.
  • Offline Productivity: The mobile app’s offline mode ensures you’re never disconnected from your work, syncing your activities once you’re back online.
  • Prompt Lead Follow-Ups: Stay responsive with MailMagnet, which filters crucial emails, allowing for immediate follow-up actions, all with just one hand.
  • Collaboration without Constraints: Keep your team in sync with real-time updates and collaboration tools, ensuring collective decision-making doesn’t stall.