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Use Zoho Desk To Provide Outstanding Customer Experiences

A great customer service can help you stand out among competition and give your customers a good reason to come back and buy from you again. As a service management software, Zoho Desk gives you all the tools and context you need to take good care of your existing and potential clients. It helps you with process management, security, and it also blends well with other software you might be using. The app has a great AI assistant to bring to the table and help with automatization!

But let’s dive deeper to learn more about Zoho Desk top features.

1) Multichannel ticketing system

A great ticketing system will help lower response times, organize tasks, keep track of all conversations and provide better customer service.

Zoho Desk multichannel ticketing system streamlines your process by gathering inquiries from different channels into a single interface. This means you can see everything in one place, including the context necessary for efficient problem-solving. Respond to emails, social media and webforms, communicate via live chat or make a call – all from Zoho Desk’s interface.

2) Multi-Brand Help Center

If you manage different brands, you can make your customer service agents’ job easier by setting up searchable knowledge bases with Zoho Desk’s Multi-Brand Help Center.

Avoid wasting time and resources by always answering repeat questions. Create a Help Center for each of your brands, adjust its design and let your customers find the information they need in a matter of minutes. Create a base of frequently asked questions, let your customers rate your articles and create a public discussion. You can even embed your Help Center directly into your app!

Your team will now have more time to focus on complex issues.

3) Multi-department

Zoho Desk helps you adjust your customer service process for your specific needs instead of forcing you into a standardized mold, so you can increase efficiency.

Multi-department feature means you can create customized departments in your help desk, depending on product types, subscription levels, geographical regions or whatever suits your business. Create separate self-service portals, chat widgets and assign different products to each department. It makes the whole process more manageable.

Customization and automation options help you boost productivity even more.

4) SLA and escalations management

SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, set expectations between a customer and a service provider. Zoho Desk lets you set up SLA rules to automatically set due dates on tickets, depending on the channel they came from, the customer and the ticket’s current status. This will help your team set priorities on the most important tickets to solve so you can honor your agreement with customers.

Zoho Desk can also help you catch SLA violations and escalate overdue tickets so they can be solved ASAP. Managers have the option to track progress and step in to prevent violations in time.

5) Analytics and reporting

Zoho Desk’s dashboards and reports let you track all the metrics you need. Use the dashboards to see the big picture, with all the key metrics in one place, and create custom reports to zoom in on the most crucial data and share it with others.

Monitor your team’s performance, get time-based reports, detect patterns and keep an eye on individual agents and their tickets. Check negative reviews and dig deeper to see why a customer is dissatisfied. Get an insight into ticket traffic to see if your usage of resources is optimal or if it can be better.

6) Customization

Not every business is the same. That’s why Zoho Desk lets you customize your customer support software, both functionally and aesthetically. Create your own email and ticket templates to save time on most common issues and responses. Design your own web forms and embed them into your website so your customers can contact you without having to directly reach out to your customer support. Make custom fields and use layouts to tailor your web forms to each of your department’s needs. Everything can be done through a simple drag-and-drop logic, no coding knowledge needed!

7) Process management

A reliable and clear process is crucial for your team’s productivity and efficiency. Use the Blueprint feature to design your processes by assembling sequences of actions and clearly define all the key conditions for every action. When a sequence is triggered, all the defined steps will be taken. Agents can’t skip steps or move forward unless they perform all the necessary actions.

Also, Blueprint will guide and nudge your newly hired agents through the process, so you don’t have to teach them.

8) Work modes

Zoho Desk helps your customer support agents organize and track their work through ticket work modes which are a series of columns where tickets are being solved. This way, agents have a good overview of all of their tickets and get real-time updates on any changes.

Countdown Mode, for example, moves your tickets in different columns depending on when they’re due. By default, there are 3 columns (overdue, due in 1 hour, due in 6+ hours) but you can customize. The mode allows your agents to always see which tickets need to be solved first. Handshake Mode, on the other hand, sorts your tickets according to customer type!

9) Event based automations

Automation saves time. And the less time it takes to solve a customer’s problem, the happier they’ll be with your service.

Set up custom rules and event based automations to let Zoho Desk carry out repetitive tasks for you. Send out notifications to your team or customers to keep everyone in the loop. Notify customers by email or SMS that you’ve received their complaint or let your agents know anytime a change occurs in the tickets they’re working on.

Set time based actions that will trigger alerts, update fields or create new tasks for your agents. Define hours since a ticket has been assigned or since a due date has passed to trigger an action and nudge your agents to work on a specific ticket.

10) Automated ticket assignment

Zoho Desk takes automation even further by letting you set up ticket assignment rules. This way you can make sure that all tickets are distributed evenly so no agent gets overworked and no ticket is overlooked. Also, some agents will be better at solving certain types of problems than others. Set up rules that pair tickets with just the right agents! This means less customer redirections and faster problem-solving time.

11) Time tracking

If you’re looking for ways to increase your team’s efficiency, the time tracking feature will help you do just that. See how your agents use their time, which tasks take them the longest and where they might be wasting time. Use those insights to optimize!

Configure time tracking for each of your departments, choose the actions you want to track and do it manually or automatically. You can even set up billing rates by your criteria and let the app do the math.

12) Security

Chances are that you’ll be handling a lot of sensitive data in your efforts to provide the best customer service. That’s why you shouldn’t take security issues lightly.

Zoho Desk lets you take more control of who has access to which data and when. Define clear roles and set up a hierarchy of those roles within teams. Then use that to restrict access, determine who can do which actions, and limit data sharing options.

13) Integrations

Zoho Desk offers a wide range of integration choices. Use that to your advantage and connect your Zoho help desk with other apps you might already be using to get even more functionality out of them! Integrate with other Zoho apps, cloud telephony apps, or choose from a range of available integrations with 3rd party apps. Click the links to learn more!

14) Mobile apps

The mobile app also makes it easy to collaborate with its social-media-like system of communication.

You can also download Radar, a mobile app designed for managers. It lets you keep track of real time stats wherever you are. Define which data you want to see and set up rules that’ll help Radar catch any anomalies in time to fix them. Stay in touch with your team and get an insight into their conversations.

Zoho Desk mobile apps let you take care of your customers even on the go! Get notified of any ticket updates, see priorities and key customer information, create new tickets, view history of your conversations and respond instantly with response templates.

Upgrade your customer service with Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk has a lot to offer to anyone wanting to optimize their customer service.

View all your tickets in a single place, regardless of where they come from. Tailor your customer service for different brands and departments, stay true to your SLAs and customize the software to fit your needs. Zoho Desk makes it easy to track all the metrics you need, as well as time spent doing certain tasks. Use Blueprints and Work Modes to streamline your processes and automate to deliver solutions faster!

Control security and access to data, but don’t be afraid to expand the functionality of the software by integrating it with other apps. And finally, download the mobile apps to stay in the loop even when you’re out of office.

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