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Collect data efficiently with Zoho Forms

Data collection and analysis make every business better. They help you make informed business decisions, gather statistical data about your customers and track the progress of current projects or campaigns. You can do all of that, and more, with Zoho Forms.

It’s a simple to use app that lets you create, manage and analyze custom forms in a single place. Collect bookings, sell tickets, set appointments or help your team keep track of remote projects. Save time and create a better experience for your respondents with Zoho Forms. 

Because the app has many options, we’ve made a list of 8 Zoho Forms features to help you learn all you need to know about the app. So, keep on reading!

1. Form Builder

Zoho Forms makes it easy to build almost any type of form or questionnaire.

Its form builder lets you create forms with a simple drag-and-drop logic and requires no previous coding experience. There are 40+ field types to choose from and all are highly customizable. This means you can tailor your respondents’ journeys according to their answers.

You can split your form into multiple pages, set rules that will direct your respondents to the next relevant question and warn them about mandatory fields or repetitions in their answers. If your form is longer, the Zoho Forms builder helps you make it easier to fill it out. Just give your respondents the option to save the entered data and finish the form later.

2. Form Notifications

The form notification feature improves the respondents’ experience after completing the form.

Show them your appreciation and guide them to a thank you page, a website or another form. Send out confirmation emails or SMS messages with details of their bookings, tickets or reservations. Add useful attachments like PDFs or invoices. Give your respondents easy access to all the important information to soothe any worries they might have. It’s a great way to increase trust in your brand.

You can also stay in the know with Zoho Forms chat bot. Get notified in Microsoft Teams about any new form responses, messages from your contacts or new comments from your team members.

3. Form Sharing

Sharing your form with Zoho Forms is simple.

The app allows you to make short links (URLs) that lead respondents to your form. You can also convert the link into a QR code.

This makes your forms easily shareable across all media, both in print and online. Your respondents can fill your forms out wherever they are and on any device.

Make use of your mailing lists and attach your forms to your email campaigns.

All forms can be quickly added to your website, just where you need them. Zoho Forms app will provide you with a code snippet that you can embed into your webpage using iFrame or JavaScript. 

Zoho Forms can also be used as a data collection tool for working teams that are always on the move. Keep and share important information in a single workspace and make collaboration easier!

4. Form Analytics

Gathering a lot of data doesn’t mean much if you can’t analyze it properly.

Zoho Forms organizes data into neat tables to give you an easy overview of gathered information. Use custom filters to explore your data and get the answers you’re looking for. You can also track your form’s performance – see its traffic, conversion rates and make note of any errors.

The form analytics feature lets you export form submissions as CSV of PDF files. This way you can share them with your team so everyone stays in the loop. You can also let your respondents download their submissions as a PDF file or send it out to them via email.

5. Form Customization

Form customization options let you create forms that are on point with your brand and easy to use.

Tailor the fonts, colors, backgrounds and overall visual aesthetic to match your website’s design and your business’s brand. Use your logo and put your company’s domain name in the form’s URL. If done right, your respondents will immediately recognize your company!

Zoho Forms also lets you create custom messages in your forms. This way you can help your respondents have a smoother form-filling journey. All the forms can be made responsive. This means they easily adapt to any screen size!

6. Mobile Features

Zoho Forms mobile features let your team collect information even in distant locations.

Your team can gather data even without Internet connection. Forms work perfectly well offline because data is kept safe on the device. When access to the Internet becomes available, everything is synched with your account. The app also lets you upload any images or files from the phone which makes it easy to make live on-site reports.

Scan QR codes, barcodes and business cards to collect contacts and minimize the risk of human error. Collect signatures on the move and use geolocation to quickly mark down important location coordinates or addresses.

7. Security


Reliable security is vital when it comes to collecting and managing heaps of data.

Zoho Forms uses encrypted connection and SSL certification to safeguard sensitive information like bank details or addresses. The app also gives you the option to enable field-level encryption in forms. This means all the sensitive data will be masked during downloading and printing. Plus, only authenticated people will be able to access it.

The forms have also been adjusted to EU laws, making them GDPR compliant. And, with a built-in reCAPTCHA, you won’t have to worry about spam, bots or DOS attacks.

8. Integrations

Zoho Forms can be used as a standalone app however the greatest value is generated when they are integrated with other Zoho apps, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk and many others.


The 8 Zoho Forms top features give you both the flexibility and stability that any business needs when it comes to data collection and management. Build a custom form, pick your brand colors and fonts, share it easily with your customers and get notified about any updates. Make the respondent’s journey smoother while not having to worry about security issues. And most importantly, collect and analyze relevant data that will fuel your next business decision!

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