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Zoho Mail – more than a solid alternative to Gmail and MS Outlook

Zoho Mail is the solution for a business email with some pronounced benefits in a saturated market with numerous competitors. An ad-free email for your company has secure hosting and email encryption. You can have a professional business custom email address, and company admins will enjoy a detailed control panel.

Zoho Mail is also available on mobile platforms, and the solution has integrated apps like calendars and notes into Mail Suite. Zoho Mail supports numerous integrations with other software to take advantage of other popular Zoho apps, most notably CRM.

Custom domain

When starting a small or medium business, an email address is among your top communication channels. You will want a custom address with a company name to stay professional. Zoho Mail enables you to create an email with your business domain and have an authentic and formal official communication address.

Custom domain email comes with several significant benefits. Credibility is essential in the business world, and your email address with your enterprise name is more serious and trustworthy.

Promoting a business is a comprehensive task where all company levels must participate. A custom email with a brand name increases your brand visibility allowing potential prospects an easy way to look you up online through a domain name. A custom email address is also a rudimentary way to market your brand or business name.

Standardising custom domains in your email address helps with consistency and allows you to create role-based unique addresses like

Secure email communications

In malware, phishing and a world of other online security challenges, email security is essential for business continuity. Zoho Mail comes with notable certificates (ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type II) and follows best practices for privacy, email security and compliance.

Physical security

Email security starts with physical security. Your emails are encrypted and stored in high-level data- centres across the US, Europe, China and India. Servers are in undisclosed locations, under constant surveillance. Zoho Mail also uses a fail-proof hardware system that enables data retrieval seamlessly.

Data protection

Aside from on-site physical security in a hosted data centre, Zoho Mail has competent administrator data protection tools. In addition, various systematic mechanisms work against spoofing, phishing, spam and data leakage dangers. You can restrict networks, domains or devices, and emails scanned for suspicious extensions to detect malware.

Secure access to your emails

Zoho Mail has several security steps to ensure you will have secure access to your business email. 

For example, you can enable Two Factor Authentication and access your email with your login and TFA code.

Another way to increase security is with Single Sign-On. Zoho Mail also supports the OAuth 2.0 authentication process.

Email solution from Zoho continuously monitors accounts for suspicious activity. The app will notify the admins if it detects anything like login from an unusual location.

Mail Suite apps

Email is essential, but Zoho Mail Suite has other features for better organisation. You will get a Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Contact along with your inbox in the mail solution. If you’re running a business, these features will help you get in action faster. For example, you can instantly create a note or task from any email.

A calendar is a standard feature for email clients. You can add events manually or use the Smart Add feature in Zoho Mail. To make the Calendar more visually appealing, you can add different colours to events and set up reminders.

Each email can start with an important action. You can create tasks, assign deadlines, and set reminders and notifications. In addition, the module allows you to set up recurring and one-time assignments and assign them to users or groups.

The Notes module enables you to create notes, whether you want to write them manually or save a piece of email. Creating a sticky note in your colour of choice can help with daily workflow. You can also insert pictures or attachments in your note and share them as an email.

Contact list supports auto-fill, so you can quickly find the contact person from your or company’s address book.

Control panel

If your company has complex demands on security, privileges, and other nuances, you can set up all policies in a rich control panel. Your administrative dashboard lets you control domain and company settings in one place. You can turn on Two Factor Authentication, manage multiple domains and observe hosting status. You can also manage all your domains. Zoho Mail allows you to create a custom login URL and add a brand Logo.

Admins have a robust set of user management options, from adding and importing users to creating aliases or group email addresses for departments like sales or marketing. Administrative role in Zoho Mail gives you complete control over accounts from setting up email policies like domains, restrictions, email clients and back-ups.

Mobile app

Email clients without mobile apps would be incomplete, and Zoho Mail comes with iOS and Android applications. You can access your inbox, use it as a daily planner and search all company’s contacts with your address book.

Inbox supports swipe actions, and emails are organised in a conversation view. The app allows you to integrate multiple accounts with seamless switching between them. It also integrates the Calendar, Contacts and Files modules, so you get the most out of desktop functionalities on the go.

Hassle-free migration

There are a couple of ways you can migrate from the current email provider to Zoho Mail. Big names like Google, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange are supported, and the process is automated. It will transfer emails, contacts, Calendars and other stored data. You can also migrate emails from other platforms without too much hassle. Once you start the migration, Zoho Mail takes over, and you can view the results in the Control Panel. All your structures and statuses will be preserved, and you can contact user support anytime for all questions.


Like many other Zoho apps, Zoho Mail has numerous integration options with different apps. As expected, other Zoho apps are supported. Zoho CRM integration can connect the contact list with contact information from CRM. You can add Mail contacts to CRM lists of leads, prospects, and others.

If you integrate Zoho Projects, you can add an email as a task to Projects. You won’t have to open two apps; the inbox view will let you assign tasks to project members. Zoho Mail can integrate with Zoho Creator to enhance organisational efficiency, and Zoho WorkDrive has similar features as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box (also available for integration).

You can integrate third-party apps through Zapier. For example, you can integrate Zoho Mail with Evernote, Asana project management app, Todoist, Trello and Slack, among the notable apps.

Bottom line

Zoho Mail offers all essential options if you want a viable email client with features expected from a flagship product. You can create a custom domain address, so your mail has authenticity. Security is the massive emphasis, from physical server security to account security and email encryption.

Zoho Mail Suite has several productivity modules like notes, tasks, a Calendar, and a contact list. You can utilise most of the desktop app features in iOS and Android apps and have increased productivity on the go. Administrators can control all user, domain and group options.

Zoho Mail has seamless migration options if you’re worried about migration from your current service provider. You can also enhance the possibilities of your email client with Zoho Mail integration, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, or third-party apps like Evernote, Asana, Slack and Trello.

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