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Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of business applications, designed to provide an integrated solution for all business functions. This unified platform is the epitome of innovation and efficiency, perfectly tailored for businesses looking to streamline their processes and maximize productivity. With Zoho One, companies can enjoy the synergy of interconnected tools, each specialized in different areas of business management, from enhancing sales strategies and marketing efforts to optimizing support, human resources, financial management, and operations. This seamless integration not only simplifies the complexity of handling multiple applications but also fosters a cohesive and collaborative working environment.


Zoho CRM, a key component of Zoho One’s sales module, offers comprehensive customer relationship management capabilities. It is complemented by Zoho Motivator to boost sales team performance and Zoho SalesIQ for engaging potential and existing customers through live chat and visitor tracking, creating a rich and dynamic sales ecosystem.


The marketing suite within Zoho One includes Zoho Campaigns for effective email marketing campaigns. This is bolstered by Zoho Social for strategic social media management and Zoho MarketingHub for a more overarching approach to marketing automation, allowing businesses to craft and execute diverse marketing strategies seamlessly.


Zoho Desk anchors the customer support segment, providing a sophisticated ticketing system and customer service platform. The integration of Zoho Assist for remote support and troubleshooting adds depth to the support services, ensuring comprehensive and responsive customer assistance.

People and Culture

Zoho Recruit and Zoho People take the lead in managing human resources, encompassing recruitment, onboarding, time tracking, and employee performance management. Zoho Payroll for payroll processing and Zoho Expense for managing and automating employee expenses complement these applications, offering a complete human resource and cultural management solution.


Zoho Books is at the forefront of the accounting functionalities, accompanied by Zoho Invoice for streamlined invoicing processes and Zoho Subscriptions for managing recurring billing and subscriptions. Together, they provide a robust framework for financial tracking, reporting, and management.


Zoho Projects is central to the operations management features of Zoho One, facilitating project planning, tracking, and collaboration. This is supplemented by Zoho Inventory for inventory management and Zoho Sprints for agile project management, ensuring a comprehensive approach to operational management.

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