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Improve your website with Zoho PageSense

Online presence is essential for business growth, and creating a website is the first natural step. However, even if your new website is performing well, you can do more to make an even better experience for visitors and drive more conversions. PageSense is a Zoho solution for conversion optimization and personalization.

You can better understand the incoming traffic and measure essential metrics and data. The platform has diverse features for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing the website. You can detect drop-off points, analyze visitor behavior, and even create a personalized experience for different types of users.

PageSense Goals

To make any kind of informed decision, you will need quality data. Goals feature in PageSense records website conversions. You can get insights on conversions over time through various countries or segment them dependent on devices or audience.

You can start by creating goals to track how your website and your company objectives perform. Tracking goals is available on multiple pages and platforms. For example, PageSense allows you to track conversions in real-time.

The feature-rich cloud software lists the top 10 pages for your business goals. You can compare performance metrics and see how each metric performs through the pages.

You can also get valuable geographical insights and see regions and countries where your goals perform better. The goals module has powerful segmentation. It allows you to see reports for sets of visitors. This way, you can detect and segment the audience that contributes the most to your traffic. You can also do such segmentation for the campaigns.

Funnel Analysis

Most businesses guide customers through a sales funnel with the ultimate goal of selling. PageSense lets you analyze the website conversion funnel and find the drop-off spots. Once you detect problematic pages, you can fine-tune the funnel and increase the conversion rate.

Funnel Analysis is valuable for businesses that lose potential customers on certain pages in users’ journeys. You can see where visitors leave the website the most. Critical pain point detection is the initial step for website optimization.

If you look at all the pages a user must go through to convert to a customer as a step in the sales funnel, PageSense can help you create more efficient pages throughout the website. You can see conversion and drop-off rates for each step and learn about the customer patterns like drop-off peaks and lowest leaving rates.

Funnel Analysis allows you to use preset stages, or you can create custom smart segments to represent your unique funnel. You can also add a form submission or single-page application to trackable steps. If you need to add a single page, just add the URL and include it as a funnel step.

PageSense targeting can track multiple pages as one. So, for example, you can get information on how many users added a product and moved it to the checkout.

Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, and Attention maps

PageSense has advanced tracking features to understand user interaction on your website. For example, with various heatmaps, you can set up tracking to detect where visitors click, scroll, or focus their attention the most.

Heatmap can help your business to see what causes the most attention and interaction on the website. You can comprehensively view visitor engagement with a visual representation of heatmaps.

Similarly, scrollmap shows you how far down the page users scroll. Again, this is valuable to detect call-to-action placement or other essential elements you want customers to reach. Finally, an attention map shows where users spend most of their time on pages.

Heatmaps feature allows you to filter reports with predefined or your custom segments. It also lets you track websites on various platforms in a single window.

Session Recording

PageSense has a session recording feature that captures how each visitor interacts with the website. You can replay those videos to see how users behave and go through your website.

Recording and watching user experience firsthand allows you to create a more efficient layout on your website and drive conversions. You can record user sessions even if they are spread out in multiple tabs. In addition, the module offers complete privacy with anonymized IPs and without keystroke recordings.

The module has a segmentation view where you can filter specific audiences’ recordings so you can watch their interactions with the website. Session recording can track events and goals in recorded sessions. You can skip to events most interesting to you and filter sessions based on the goals.

Form Analytics

Creating a form to get information is challenging because some fields can cause significant drop-offs. PageSense can help you break down visitors’ interactions with each form field and detect potential pain points.

You can visually inspect how many visitors started with the form and finally submitted it. Such insights can help you fine-tune the forms to drive conversions.

Sometimes the problem can be specific information users are reluctant to share. Whatever the pain point is, PageSense can show it in Field–Level Metrics.

You can also filter form analytics reports to see the performance of a specific audience your business is interested in.

A/B and Split URL Testing

Another valuable feature in PageSense is A/B test web page optimization. You can edit mobile and desktop versions of your page from one place with Zoho PageSense intuitive visual editor. Developer skills are not required, and you can create page variations with drag and drop editor.

You can then track clicks, engagement, and even website revenue. Adding a revenue goal to compare the A and B variants is available for PageSense users.

You can segment the audience and apply A/B testing to specific groups like direct visitors, social media traffic, or other preset and custom segmentation audiences. You can create a split URL test for two or more pages to see which layout performs the best.

A/B and Split URL testing has detailed reporting with stat-by-stat guides through web page performance to see why A or B is winning over the other. You can segment the audience with predefined or custom filters. The module allows you to use a heatmap to determine how users interact with each version.

Reporting also has conversion rate trends that can help you create data-driven forecasts and decide easily on which version to choose.


PageSense enables you to get detailed insight into visitor behavior. If you have this information along with the demographics, browsing patterns and other details, you can create a personalized visitor experience for each segment.

You can create a personalized user experience without design or development know-how with a visual editor. Once you have a target audience, you can create content based on key criteria like a different country, returning visitor, or browsing platform.

PageSense allows you to measure goals and apply features like heatmaps on unique personalized pages to follow the interaction and conversions.

You will get one comprehensive view of multiple experiences, and you can see which version performs best.


PageSense has a Polls module that can help you set up quick polls and get insightful feedback from your visitors. The poll tool has 10 customizable question types and a drag-and-drop interface. You can look for ratings, feedback, or other information from visitors and create a unique poll in a few minutes.

You can create specific polls triggered when certain conditions are met during visitors’ journeys on your page. PageSense can quantify the feedback from users with NPS, smiley rating, and star rating questions. This will help you make data-based marketing decisions.

The visual editor helps you tailor the poll to match the website design. In addition, you can run polls for visitors on a specific device or platform.

The Polls module presents the results with word clouds and charts to compile the responses more intuitively.

Push Notifications

You can create a push notification for your website with PageSense and re-engage with the visitors. If you implement a single-click opt-in for push notifications, you can increase the number of subscribers seamlessly.

Choose triggers for notifications, so when visitors meet the criteria, like looking at the product or signing in, the push notification will follow that behavior. You can send multiple notifications based on engagement, demographics, location, or other audience segmentation.

PageSense gives you tools for tweaking and customizing notifications to match your style and increase engagement.

Analytics shows how push notifications contribute to conversions through time, and detailed insights can also help fine-tune the notification options.


Similarly to push notifications, you can drive engagement and generate leads with pop-ups. PageSense has many templates for different pop-up goals. For example, you can promote a new product, special offer, or newsletter subscription. Again, you can choose from pre-designed pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins.

Drag and drop editor allows you to customize or build your pop-up from scratch. Adding images, videos, or custom buttons is easy, and you can add forms, mark mandatory fields and create other actions.

You can target a specific pop-up audience based on their demographics, behavior, device, platform, or other segments. Aside from a unique audience, you can create a timing for the pop-up. For example, a pop-up can appear when the user scrolls halfway on your page.

The Pop-ups module also has detailed analytics that shows impressions, engagement, and conversions. You can also see how users interact with every field on your form and improve it to drive conversions.


The purpose of most business websites is to drive some sort of conversion. You can want page views, subscriptions, or sales. Whatever your goal is, PageSense has a set of modules to create a more engaging user experience and drive conversions.

You can set goals and analyze each step of the customer’s journey through the funnel. PageSense has powerful tracking features like heatmaps and session recording that showcase the user behavior on your website.

You can analyze form submissions, create A/B and Split URL testing without developer knowledge, and personalize website content with a visual editor for segmented audiences.

PageSense also allows you to create polls quickly, push notifications and pop-ups and monitor engagement in detailed analytics on the dashboard.

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