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Manage your projects efficiently with Zoho Projects

Managing complex projects can be challenging, even for experienced project managers. Zoho Projects is cloud software that replaces your usual mix of emails, spreadsheets, notes, or whatever you use when trying to finish a project. Instead of struggling to connect the dots on complex projects, you can use project management software and utilize its work tracking and collaboration features. Good planning is half of the business, and Zoho Project allows you to create a detailed plan, assign work and manage project resources.

Unique features like issues reporting can benefit software developers looking for the right project management tool. Construction companies can use Zoho Projects to stay on schedule and connect seamlessly with on-site teams. You can manage and coordinate projects easily in Real Estate, Marketing, Education, and other niches with the rich set of features we’ll discuss in this article.

Zoho Projects Task Management

Assigning tasks is an essential step when setting up the project. Zoho Projects solution offers flexibility, allowing you to assign tasks to users and set work hours. Zoho automatically tracks the progression. You can add reminders and priority tasks and break down complicated jobs into subtasks.

You can divide projects into smaller portions, like milestones. These are crucial points in the project timeline. Milestones will reduce the overwhelming feeling and add a morale boost once finished.

Task management offers various views, like Kanban or Gantt charts. You can also view all created tasks for the project in a calendar view, which is extremely helpful if you need to report or prepare for a project meeting.

How to automate tasks in Zoho Projects

Handling hundreds or even thousands of tasks on complex projects is complicated, even with the help of project management software. That is why Zoho Projects added Task automation to solve some unnecessary steps and relieve time for more substantial jobs on the project.

You can automate the processes within the project with Blueprint, workflow rules, email alerts, or business rules.
In the blueprint editor, you can create workflows and automate routine tasks. You can create task status, involve team members, and automate task field updates and notifications. Blueprint automation can ensure team members follow the correct process, which can eliminate delays.

Zoho workflow rules are a powerful feature that allows you to automate each project step. For example, an automated email notification will be sent to the task owner and the project manager if a task is still open after the due date has passed.
Email is still an essential business tool, and Zoho Projects enables you to set up email alerts for employees or teams at specific stages of the projects. You can also automate issue tracking with the business rules feature.

Zoho Projects task automation also has the option to include custom functions or use webhooks that can automate notifications to third-party applications.

Easy time tracking in Zoho Projects

Every project has a budget. A comprehensive view of your project in this solution has additional functionality for easier time tracking. You can record work hours through time-tracking software. Zoho Projects also has timesheet and task timer options.
Team members can log task hours in the timesheet. You can evaluate the logged hours and compare them with the projected time for the project to identify pain points. It’s possible to turn on the timer or add time manually, and managers can review and approve the timesheet entries.

Aside from keeping track of project pace, this feature allows you to record expenses and create client invoices.
The time tracking module offers timesheet reports, and you can get dashboard statistics for the time spent on the project.
With time tracking, you can better overview the project’s timeline and estimated budget. As a result, you will increase transparency and improve the team’s productivity, making the project more profitable because of the timely information.

Zoho Projects Charts and Reports

If you want to improve further planning, flexibility, and communication between team members, you can take advantage of comprehensive charts and reports. You can choose between multiple types of charts to plan, manage and track project progression. Detailed reporting will reveal how well the team and project are utilized.

Gantt charts are a popular way to create an overview of the project and to see the performance in a set timeframe. Each task is represented by a colored line filled as the task is nearing completion. You can mark critical tasks and switch views to focus on those jobs that are essential at the moment. One of the most significant features in this view is dependencies. Connect depending on tasks and set the appropriate timeline for them.

Projects software has a resource utilization chart to help you manage the team’s workload. A color-coded chart will let you know who is available and who is buried in tasks. You can distribute jobs evenly among employees and re-assign tasks to free colleagues.

Reporting is a pivotal part of project management. You can create advanced reports with deep insights about tasks, work items, performance, and other parameters. It will allow you to make more informed decisions for the rest of the project. If you integrate Zoho Analytics software, you can get more than 50 different charts and reports to improve your knowledge of the project course further.

Project software customization

Zoho Projects gives you an abundance of options out of the box. However, each business has unique challenges, and you can adjust and customize the project management software to your needs.

The project might require a new custom layout or specific tasks. You can create custom fields that can contain further information.

In Zoho Projects, you can create or save existing projects as future templates with task lists, milestones, milestones, and timelines. This is especially interesting for recurring or repetitive projects, so you can jump on it much faster.

Issue tracking in Zoho Projects

Project management software comes with nifty feature software developers can use for their projects. You can record issues or bugs on the project. Submit issues manually or import bugs from other tracking software. 

You can create custom views to prioritize bugs based on different criteria. Some bugs can be a priority for the following tasks, and others can be time sensitive or cost more, so they can get priority. Zoho Projects allows you to integrate Bitbucket or Github, where you can see the changes made to issues.

When working for a client, you can create a contract about the level of service. You can define rules for issues and how they should be escalated so that customers can know what is happening.

Zoho Projects mobile app

Working on your projects on the go is a reality for many project managers. Regardless of location, you can continue working on the project thanks to mobile native apps for Android, iOS, and iPads. You will get a Home view with tasks, issues, and active timers. Gantt chart is also available in a mobile application where you can use drag and drop to reschedule tasks or create dependencies. Tasks are available in the calendar view, and you can monitor feeds that keep you updated about comments, tasks, and discussions on the project.

Zoho Projects integrations

Like other Zoho software, Projects can easily be integrated with other apps. You can increase productivity and options with Zoho app integration. Zoho Project works seamlessly with Zoho CRM, People, Desk, Invoice, Analytics, Books, Mail, and other apps.
Google solutions like Drive, Tasks, Calendar, Spreadsheets, and Microsoft Office apps are supported through easy integration.
You can import data from Jira, and Basecamp, use Dropbox and Box for document management, or Github, Bitbucket, and others for repositories. Zoho Projects supports iCal, Slack messaging app, and Zapier workflow automation. Zoho Projects solution is available as a Google Chrome extension and Gmail add-on.

Bottom line

Your business projects can be straightforward, or they can include a considerable team, hundreds of tasks, and subtasks, and they can last for an extended period. You will need competent project management software to manage projects without missing out on important service delivery dates, product updates, or issues.

With Zoho Projects, you can plan tasks and timelines meticulously, monitor progress, and automate actions. Time tracking will allow you to see the expenses and expected timeline in contrast to the actual project time. Detailed charts and reports will give you deeper insights so that you can improve workflow and update the project task list. Zoho Projects has team collaboration features. You can customize fields and views and track issues. You can get it as a mobile app on iOS and Android and extend the functionalities by connecting with other Zoho or third-party apps.

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