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Zoho Sprints: Deliver Great Projects Faster

Delivering great projects fast is becoming increasingly important, especially in software development. That’s why agile project management is on the rise. One of its biggest advantages are regular releases of high quality software that give you and your clients a competitive edge while satisfying consumer demands. Tools designed to accommodate the agile approach are getting better by the day. Zoho Sprints is built to help your team collaborate, iterate and improve their work in manageable increments. It’s a tool tailor-made for agile practitioners and can guide you through all the ups and downs of managing complex projects and delivering great results.

Keep reading to learn more about what the app can offer.

1) Product Backlog

Product backlog in Zoho Sprints lets you see all the work waiting to be done. This makes it easy to organize tasks and plan future sprints. Prioritize backlog items based on different specifications like item type or assignee so it doesn’t turn into a disorganized mess of ideas, bug fixes and stories. You can use custom filters to quickly find specific work items and save them for future searches. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you effortlessly slide items from your product backlog into your sprint backlog so you can save time and plan everything in one meeting with your team.

2) Scrum Board

Track the progress of your time-defined sprints in your Scrum board for easier project management. Instantly see how everyone’s doing and let your team view their progress. This will help them work together towards a common goal. Go beyond default options and create a custom workflow that suits your project’s needs. Get different insights into pending work items according to priorities, users and more. On a Sprint Dashboard, you’ll find charts showing your team’s overall progress, the flow of activities and the status of work items.

3) Epics

Zoho knows that some tasks are bigger and more complex than others. Epics are compilations of work items that extend through multiple sprints and have the same goal. You can use epics to split up your larger features or objectives into smaller chunks of work. This way you can make the work more manageable and easily understandable to all your team members. Connect user stories and tasks to each of your epics, fill out the key details and build custom layouts when needed. You can even analyze and measure the progress of your epics!

4) Work Item Management

Zoho Sprints gives you plenty of options to keep your work items organized so you can stay on track and deliver everything on time. Link items from the same, past or a different project to see how your work is related to other parts of the system. The status timeline lets you view the progress of all work items. Use it to detect any delays or neglected tasks! Tag items to connect them to a larger theme, create checklists and set up reminders. Give your team members the option to follow specific work items and receive the key updates they need.

5) Release Management

The time has come to show your work to the world! Zoho Sprints has a release planning module that can help you integrate all parts of your work into a single working outcome. Customize the phases of your release workflow, group work items that need to be delivered together and view release reports. Your repository tool can be integrated with Zoho Sprints so it stays in sync with your project’s progress. This means you can attach pull requests or commits to relevant work items. There’s even a CI/CD module that makes it easier for your DevOps to be a part of the release process.

6) Reports

Great reporting is key for improving your agile process and planning better sprints. That’s why Zoho Sprints lets you view relevant project metrics and create personal dashboards for individual users to see how they’re doing. Analyze hours worked with timesheet reports or use the cumulative flow diagram to see how your sprints are progressing. Compare your work estimations with completed tasks in a velocity chart to see how fast your team is really delivering. Then use the information to make better estimations for future sprints. Also, burnup and burndown charts will tell you how much you’ve progressed by letting you compare up to 5 sprints. If you want to compare more sprints consider integrating with Zoho Analytics.

7) Dashboards

Your dashboard is a place where you can see everything about a project – timelines, backlogs, productivity, number of work items… See how close you are to your final goal, how much time your team is spending on tasks and how well your sprints are going. Pay attention to each employee’s workload and make sure all the work is distributed fairly and efficiently. Your dashboard will also let you see the work that’s been completed or reopened. This means you can plan your weeks and sprints better!

8) Team Communication - Meetings and Feed

Excellent teamwork is key for the success of any project. Use the Meetings module to plan and schedule your planning sessions, daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospectives. Attach crucial context to every meeting so everyone knows what to expect. Set up notifications and easily create recurring meetings. Zoho Sprints also has a collaborative project Feed! It lets all team members easily see each other’s updates, discussions, ideas and project progress, which is especially important for remote teams. Everything is logged in a chronological order so change requests can be reviewed more easily.

9) Customization

Every project is unique. That’s why the app has a number of customizing options and features. Organize your teamwork by creating custom profiles and roles with varying access privileges for better security and control over the wellbeing of your project. Put your new roles and profiles into user groups so you can efficiently tag your team members in discussions or updates. Customize work items, meetings, epics or workflows with different fields and layouts that provide the right context. Come up with custom priorities and set up your team calendar just the way you like it.

10) Timesheets

The Timesheet module in Zoho Sprints helps you keep an eye on all the time-related information. Track billable and non-billable hours and see how much time is being spent on specific work items. Use the timer to track your work and approve time logs with a single click. Generate detailed reports you can show to your client or manager.

11) Mobile

You can manage your agile projects even when you’re out of office! There’s a lot you can do with a mobile app: build backlogs, peek at charts, generate reports, receive key notifications and post updates to the feed. Always stay informed about the state of your project and edit work items as necessary to keep your team in the know. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Manage your agile projects with Zoho Sprints

A reliable agile project management tool will make your work life less stressful. Zoho Sprints is designed specifically to support agile teams in delivering great outcomes. Its top features like product backlog, scrum board, release management and epics help you keep everything organized, connected and finished on time. You can easily track your team’s progress through dashboards, timesheets and reports. And most importantly, customize everything to suit the demands of a specific project and the needs of your team. Great tool for great results!

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