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Zoho Vault - Best Practices Guide

The “Zoho Vault – Best Practices Guide” is a comprehensive resource for super admins, admins, and end-users to optimize their use of Zoho Vault. It provides step-by-step advice on setting up accounts, securing enterprise data, and managing user roles and permissions. The guide also emphasizes the importance of maintaining robust security practices to protect critical information.

  • User Onboarding and Strong Authentication: Streamline user onboarding and enhance security by enforcing multi-factor authentication and setting strong password policies.
  • Effective Organization of the Vault: Keep your Vault organized by modifying user roles, grouping users and passwords, and managing sharing permissions appropriately.
  • Shared Password Management: Safeguard critical passwords by configuring access controls and integrating with help desk ticketing for managed password access.
  • Crisis Preparedness: Ensure your organization is prepared for emergencies by periodically backing up critical data and having a crisis management plan in place.
  • Secure Data and Compliance: Structure Zoho Vault to meet enterprise needs, track activities through audit logs, configure alerts, and handle sensitive data securely, including the process for departing employees’ information.