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Zoho Vault – Secure Password Management

Your password is the first line of defense for your online accounts. That’s why we see growth in the password manager niche. Zoho Vault is a secure password manager that individuals and teams can use. The software manages your passwords and auto-fills them using various online services.

Some unique features include a powerful dashboard with an overview of all business and personal passwords. You can identify weak ones and quickly change them.

Vault stores manage and can share passwords in line with the access level within the organization and privileges. In addition, App offers detailed visual reports, and you can use one master password to access all your cloud apps with a single sign-in. In this article, we’ll go through the essential features of Zoho Vault.

Secured password management

Vault is a comprehensive solution that offers secure password management. There is no limit to the number of passwords stored. You can add other files like documents, notes, or spreadsheets. Vault doesn’t have a storage limit.

You can easily add passwords for over 400 predefined apps and websites, saving time for most-used accounts and log-ins.

Another benefit of Zoho Vault is the easy import option. You can use CSV files, browsers, and other password manager software. The Vault comes with military-grade encryption, allowing you to sync your data from browsers, mobile, and other applications.

Secure password sharing internally and externally

If you’re running a business, Zoho Vault can create groups and manage password sharing throughout the company.

For example, you can create groups for various teams in your company, saving time and increasing productivity. Add members to accounting, finance, sales, or other Vault group and share sensitive information like folders with details on accounts or other details relevant to your group.

You can further use groups and share passwords and folders with other teams and users so they can access them instantly. Vault allows you to create a group’s access privileges for the shared items. Adding and removing users is simple. You just need a few clicks to do it.

If you think sharing and passwords don’t come together, in most cases, you are right. However, Zoho Vaults lets you securely share when you need to share accounts with friends or coworkers. You can grant and revoke password access for users or groups easily.

You can also set up password sharing with third parties like partners, consultants, or freelancers. The dashboard allows you to track all accounts accessed from outside. With Vault, you can have permission levels for different users.

For additional security, you can protect sensitive folders with request-release workflows, and third-party users will have to ask for approval.

Simplified access to password-protected websites

One of the most convenient Zoho Vault features is a single sign-in for web accounts and applications. Vault has extensions for all top-tier browsers on the market. You can save your various login credentials and passwords and log in to your websites from Vault. You won’t have to type your passwords using the Vault browser extension. The software generates strong passwords for all new accounts, so you get improved security.

The vault browser extension can capture and store new login information each time you create a new account or change an existing password.

Enforced password policy

No matter how strong your password is, it is advisable to change it regularly. Zoho Vault enforces a password policy. You can set the perimeters of password length, special characters, and how often they must change it.

The application sends reminders to users three days before the password expires. After that, notifications are sent until the user resets the password. Vault can also help you follow company security guidelines strictly. You or the administrator can ensure passwords follow those requirements in the settings.

Shared password access controls

When your organization has a solution for sharing passwords, you should look for that extra layer of security. Zoho Vaults enables sensitive password sharing and gives you access control so that you can ask users to raise valid requests to access passwords. Access control actively prevents unauthorized access and helps admins and the IT department to manage and track who accessed credentials for specific accounts effectively.

You can select additional admins to approve access requests if you want to relieve the workload. For example, for increased security, you could require approval for access from two or more administrators.

Vault has more features like scheduling access requests in advance or automating access at the selected time. You can also integrate Vault with the team ticket management system and automate approvals for valid ticket IDs.

Audit and track users' actions

Once you have a password and security policy, Vault lets you track every action in real-time. With constant monitoring and real-time audits, you can see who accesses passwords and when. Check all actions like accessing folders, users’ activity, what admins do, and other specific actions.

Vault allows you to have super admin and manage all admin activities in the Audits section. Tools like time stamp capturing and IP address of the admins viewing audits help ensure you have internal threats covered. In addition, the software can notify you if a critical action is detected in the company’s Vault.

Emergency access for trusted contacts

Every business has emergencies. While crises are often unavoidable, tools like Zoho Vault can help you overcome those stressful situations seamlessly. For example, in most cases, only a few selected employees can access essential business passwords. If those users are unavailable and your business needs those passwords, Vault lets you add emergency contacts who have permission to access those passwords temporarily.

In such crisis scenarios, emergency contacts can get temporary access, but super admins can overrule and terminate the emergency if they think the reason is not valid enough.

Restrict users based on IPs

There is no absolute security, but Zoho Vault has an additional layer that can increase the company’s password security. You can define IP addresses and ranges that can access your business Vault. This way, only employees with trusted IPs can get access to Vault.

You can customize IP rules and make exceptions for trusted users from IP restrictions while maintaining strict policies for other employees. IP handling and blocking unauthorized IPs can prevent access for hackers and keep critical passwords and additional information stored in the Vault safe.

Password backup

Zoho Vault invests heavily in reliability and offers data backup for all levels and packages. Business continuity is essential for modern enterprises, and Vault has efficient disaster recovery. All of your passwords are backed up. You can set email backup and store it with Zoho or cloud providers like Amazon, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Zoho will send you an encrypted copy of passwords on your email or cloud account. However, you can set up restrictions within the organization so that certain users don’t receive backup copies.


Like other Zoho solutions, Vault can seamlessly integrate with several other Zoho and third-party apps. You can import users in a few quick steps or build a custom integration with REST APIs. You can incorporate Vault with Zoho DeskZoho Mail, Service Desk Plus OnDemand, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Flow.

If your company uses Microsoft solutions like Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, or OneDrive, Zoho Vault can integrate, and you can log in to all accounts without passwords. The same applies to businesses that use Google Workspace and Google Drive.

You can connect Vault with providers like Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Jira, and Okta.

Mobile app

All essential Vault features are available on mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can access and share passwords easily on the go. View passwords with a single touch, and you can share them in bulk with many users or groups.

Vault auto-fills your password on apps and web applications, so you won’t have to type passwords while using your phone. If you do need a password,  they are available offline. Both apps have convenient features like popular dark mode, and you can create shortcuts for popular actions like adding a new password or generating or viewing a password. You can also approve password access requests from your phone.

The mobile app supports biometric sign-in; you can unlock Vault with a touch and face ID.


Managing dozens of passwords that should be different and complicated is not sustainable in a fast-paced lifestyle with new accounts and services popping up constantly. Zoho Vault is a reliable password manager that can do the heavy lifting, like creating, managing, and storing passwords. You can also store documents and other information in your Vault.

This cloud app is suitable for individual and team use, and you can upgrade its functionalities to the enterprise level. Managing corporate password policies is seamless and easy with Zoho Vault. You can create and enforce a password policy, share access control, and track users’ actions.

Vault has emergency contacts for unexpected situations, and you can block or restrict IP addresses for added security. All your data is backed up, and Vault can integrate with Microsoft, Google, Zoho applications, and other third-party solutions.

You can use a desktop application or dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android and take advantage of advanced password management options for your business.

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