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Zoho Vault - Security Specifications

“Zoho Vault – Security Specifications” serves as an essential manual detailing the stringent security measures implemented by Zoho Vault. It caters to over 80 million users globally, emphasizing encryption, secure data management, and the protection of sensitive customer information. The guide ensures users that both physical and cyber security threats are comprehensively addressed.

  • Zero-Knowledge Cryptosystem: Zoho Vault incorporates a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring users’ passwords and sensitive data are encrypted on the client side using AES 256-bit encryption and never stored or transmitted to Zoho’s servers.
  • Master Password Security: The master password is central to Zoho Vault’s security, created and known only by the user, and used to encrypt and decrypt data on the client side without Zoho’s knowledge.
  • Robust Authentication Measures: Vault employs two-factor authentication with various options and the ability to mark devices as trusted, enhancing the security of user authentication.
  • Secure Sharing Mechanism: Passwords can be shared securely within Zoho Vault, with detailed controls on how sharing operates to maintain data confidentiality.
  • Comprehensive Security Infrastructure: The ebook highlights the extensive security architecture of the software, including minimal privilege principles, secure data transfer protocols, and protection against intrusions.
  • Ongoing Security Assurance: Zoho Vault is committed to constant vigilance, featuring regular third-party penetration testing, certifications, and processes for reporting security issues to maintain a high standard of security.