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Zoho WorkDrive – More Than Another Cloud Drive

Is your team large or working remotely? If so, giving them a secure space where they can easily collaborate is a necessity. Zoho WorkDrive is a shared workspace where your team members can truly work as a team. They can hustle together to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations and brainstorm new ideas in real time.

All of your work is synced, stored and organized, so no file can get lost. Plus, it’s easy to manage and see what everyone is doing. It’s a great platform that saves you time, keeps you organized and helps you stay on top of all the work, changes and edits. There’s more, so let’s get into the details!

1) Team Collaboration

If you’re still making copies of documents and sending them to others via email – stop. There’s a more practical way of doing it. With Zoho WorkDrive, you can save time and share your work with others immediately. See all the feedback in a single place and edit documents easily. Organize all files in folders under different projects and view all changes your team has made. Leave a comment, make changes, view details or invite others to contribute to your work!

2) Smart Search

Have you ever needed to find a file but couldn’t remember its name or where you put it?

Zoho’s Smart Search feature was built with such situations in mind. Skip the manual work of digging through all the folders and find files using not just file names, but also text keywords! Use the author’s name or specific keywords to track down documents. Narrow down your search with advanced filters like file types, file location or upload time. The feature can even detect text or objects on images within files!

Truly, with the Smart Search feature, no file can ever get lost again.

3) Data Templates

Your team creates all kinds of data every single day. Documents, images, videos, estimations… WorkDrive’s Data Templates add structure to their creative work and help you stay organized. Set up templates for contracts, recruitment, social media or project guides. Create custom fields that need to be filled out with key metadata like client information, deadlines, renewal dates and the like. You can even use the metadata as a filter when you’re searching for files.

4) Collect Files

If you need to collect a lot of files, like job applications or student assignments, Zoho WorkDrive has you covered. It allows you to create custom upload links that let users securely submit documents. Pick a storage location and all the files will be saved right there. You can even set restrictions on file size and the number of documents that can be uploaded so you don’t get stuck in unnecessary clutter. Set submission deadlines, send out submission requests and keep track of who uploaded what – and when!

5) External Sharing

Sometimes you need to share files with people who aren’t a part of your team, like clients, business partners or external associates. WorkDrive lets you do just that while keeping all the control in your hands! You can create multiple custom links to the same document or folder and label them to keep track of who has access to each link. Secure access to each link with passwords, expiry dates or individual access permissions. Ask for a user’s name, phone number or email before allowing them to download a file. You can deny or revoke access at any time, as well as disable external sharing for more sensitive documents.

6) Desktop Sync and TrueSync

A bad internet connection is no longer an issue. You can keep working even when you’re offline! Just drop the files you’re working on into the Desktop Sync app and they’ll automatically upload to the cloud once you’re back online. Use it on Windows, Mac or Ubuntu Linux. The upload is fast and free, even if your files are large. Choose which files or folders you’d like to sync and see any changes your team has made.

TrueSync lets you work on any type of file directly from your desktop. The app creates a mirror of all your files in the WorkDrive cloud, but without using up your hard drive storage! You can even sync multiple accounts to your desktop.

7) Admin Dashboard

Give structure to your team’s creativity. WorkDrive’s Admin Dashboard lets you organize, manage and keep all your work files safe. Send out invitation links to new team members and create groups or team folders for specific projects to keep everything neat and tidy. Manage access permissions and assign roles to everyone. Always see what your team is doing in the admin panel and even get some insightful stats.

8) Security

Zoho makes sure your data is secure on multiple levels. Its data centers are in secure locations that are monitored with advanced cameras all day every day. Your data is regularly backed up, so there’ll be no data loss even if there’s some server damage. Files are often scanned for viruses and any suspicious files will be flagged. WorkDrive is resistant to DDoS attacks and uses advanced encryption to protect your files. Be sure you use two-factor authentication for some extra safety.

9) Compliance

Zoho WorkDrive’s advanced security and admin features means you can tightly control who can access which file. This is especially important when it comes to contracts, personal files or sensitive data. Such an emphasis on privacy protection means that the app makes it easier to stay GDPcompliant. WorkDrive is also HIPAA compliant, which means you can sleep peacefully knowing your patients’ Protected Health Information is safe. 

10) Mobile Apps


Download Zoho WorkDrove mobile app to stay in touch with your team even when you’re on a business trip. Sketch out ideas, leave feedback on your coworker’s draft or do some admin work while you’re waiting in line. Pick important folders and make them available when you’re offline. You can scan documents with your phone and share them with your team instantly. Notifications will help you stay on top of any new changes.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Collaborate better with Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive makes team collaboration easy. Work together on different documents, create reliable file structures and do the work even when your Wi-Fi is bad. Cooperate in-house and externally while keeping all the data safe and secure! WorkDrive is a well-rounded solution for almost any team and can also be integrated with other useful apps!

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