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Zoho Mail top integrations

Choosing the right email application is a crucial business decision because so much revolves around efficient email communication. Zoho Mail has many benefits like secure email communication, a custom domain option, and a whole suite of mail apps that come in the package.

Outside of the Zoho Mail functionalities also available on mobile platforms, the email business software can easily integrate with other Zoho apps. As a result, you can get an all-in-one solution that enhances email client functionalities in multiple areas. Here are some of the top Zoho Mail integrations with other Zoho apps.

Zoho CRM integration

One of the most used Zoho apps is Zoho CRM, a platform which your sales team can utilize to manage prospect engagement across various communication channels. Since both Zoho CRM and Zoho Mail are flagship apps in the company portfolio, integration is the default for many businesses who are using them.

You can access CRM contact or lead information from an eWidget. The integration also allows you to create or modify record information and create and associate notes, tasks, and events to CRM potentials or contacts directly from Zoho Mail. In addition, this integration enables you to add Zoho Mail contacts into Zoho CRM or schedule activities like sending an email.

Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk is a help desk platform that improves your customer support workflow. With Zoho Mail integration, you can view all tickets in the eWidget. Then, you can see all details on those tickets and read connected emails.

The extension also lets you create a new ticket from incoming emails, assign existing tickets to other users, and search for specific tickets.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is Zoho’s cloud accounting software. A scalable solution for managing finances for your company has Zoho Mail integration. You can access Books software functionalities over eWidget and get essential financial information about a contact, customer, or other records without switching to another app.

You can get prospects’ addresses, invoices, estimates, and other details. Zoho Books extension allows you to create invoices from eWidget. This document will be synced to Zoho Books without going to the app.

Zoho Inventory

If you manage inventory, orders, and warehouse operations with Zoho Inventory, you can integrate this reliable tool with Zoho Mail. Zoho Inventory integration lets you see inventory details for contacts, vendors, and other records in eWidget.

The contact view in eWidget lets you see basic information like shipping and billing addresses, transaction currency, and all the invoices and estimates. Another practical use of the integration is adding new contacts to Zoho Inventory and adding comments for future reference.

Zoho Subscriptions

Businesses that run subscription services can utilize the benefits of using Zoho Subscriptions online billing software. Aside from automated billing, analysis, and overseeing customer subscriptions, Zoho Subscriptions can integrate with Zoho Mail. As a result, you can see the subscription information for each contact in your mailbox without opening another application.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Mail can integrate with Zoho’s expense management software. Automated expense reporting and streamlined approvals are among the top features of Zoho Expense. Integration in eWidget helps you track all transactions with a contact. Aside from the informational value, the integration allows you to create expenses from Zoho Mail.

Zoho Sign

One of the integrated extensions in the email client is Zoho Sign. You can use this feature to sign documents electronically or prepare them for others to get the electronic signature. Zoho Sign is beneficial for email client extensions if you need quick signature collection and approval of your paperwork. Moreover, the integration allows you to create legally binding documentation from the eWidget window in your mailbox.

Zoho Projects

Companies that use Zoho Projects for project management can benefit from Zoho Mail integration. With the help of the Task app from Zoho Mail Suite, you can get a consolidated view of your tasks and all project tasks. A unified view of your future tasks can help you create better plans.

You can see all tasks from all projects separately, and the extension allows you to associate emails with the Project. This way, you won’t have to search for past emails because they will all be under one project umbrella. The integration lets you create, modify or remove tasks from various projects through the same Tasks App.

Zoho Sprints

If your company works on projects in sprints and uses Zoho Sprints to manage agile project management workflows, Zoho Mail integration can save you some time. For example, you can create work items or sprints from your mailbox. Another convenient feature is quick mail-to-work item conversion that will be available in Zoho Sprint.

You can access all Sprints projects from the eWidget. A consolidated view is beneficial for an overview. Diving deeper allows you to view all backlog, active and upcoming Sprints within the specific Project. The same applies to work items within the sprints.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Mail is a classic email communication tool, but you can get other options with Zoho Cliq integration. It allows you to chat with co-workers without leaving Zoho Mail.

The smart chat bar at the bottom of your mailbox view lets you access Cliq contacts, different chats, or channels. The integration has a powerful search bar where you can easily track needed contacts, chats, or channels. Starting a conversation is quick and easy, and you can easily find contacts with @mention.

Zoho People

Zoho People is a people management software with an employee database for your company. If you integrate the solution with Zoho Mail, you can get the essential details on users like birth date, phone number, and company-related info like where the people sit, date of joining, and who the contact reports to.

Another vital piece of information available within the integration is In/Out check-in status. So you can see if the colleague is available. The integration is also practical when composing an email because you will get a user information view and In/Out status.

Bottom line

Zoho Mail is a standalone email client, but you can significantly enhance its feature set when integrating it with other Zoho apps. For example, Zoho CRM is seamlessly integrated for users that use both apps, and you can access neat functionalities for customer relationship management directly from the mailbox.

With the extensions, you can look at and manage tickets in Zoho Desk help desk software from Zoho Mail. Accessing Zoho Books or Zoho Inventory features from an email client with actionable options will save you time because you don’t have to open dedicated apps to see invoices, estimates, or contact information.

Zoho Mail can integrate with Subscription and Expense apps, and email software has already integrated Zoho Sign for electronic signature of official documents. You can view your projects from the mailbox with Zoho Projects integration. You can also connect Zoho Mail with Sprints, Cliq, and People software.

These integrations are incredibly convenient for everyday workflow. You can get more work done without opening dedicated apps. Saving time and expanding functionalities will contribute to a more streamlined workflow.

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