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Zoho Social – a hidden gem among social media management tools

What do a small business owner, a social media manager and the head of the sales department of a conglomerate have in common? They all need more time. And they all need to communicate and cooperate.

If you want to save valuable time, communicate your ideas, cooperate better with your colleagues and increase your income at the same time, you should check out Zoho Social – just one of 50+ products from

How to save time and manage multiple social media channels all from one place?

Simply connect your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, or YouTube) to Zoho Social, and you can schedule posts and publish them on a date and time of your choice. All the connected social channels will be selected by default. You can type in the content with relevant hashtags, add mentions, and emojis. You can import multiple images, a video, or a GIF directly from your desktop, cloud, or import a design from Canva.

What are the implications?

This means that you no longer have to go to each social media channel separately and manually post each post. You will spend less time on social media and work more efficiently. This means your work will be more profitable, and you will be able to maintain an active social media presence.
Additionally, you can add an Instagram First Comment, fully customize YouTube video options, and you can add a direct message link for Twitter and direct people to your inbox and follow up on tweets.

Also, if you want to increase your sales and income, there is an option to add a call-to-action button for Google My Business posts. You have the option to add a link for potential customers to Learn more, Sign up, Order online, Book, or Buy your product.

If you need to discuss your content with your colleagues before it goes live, you can decide to save it as a draft and work on it in the Collaborate section. Once your post is ready, you can publish it, or you can Schedule for a Specific Date.

Pro-tip – Check the Repeat Post box if you’d like to repeat the post once every week or month. This is good because more people are likely to see your post. And this way, you can set a constant reminder to your audience about an event or information that matters to you and your brand.

If you want to work efficiently and avoid overlaps, the Add to Queue option lets you queue content for unique time slots displayed by days in a week. Your goal should be to publish content at times when your audience is most likely to engage with your brand. But, what if you don’t know when that is?

The SmartQ Slot option will show you the best dates to publish, either for the next seven days or the best time for a specific date of your preference. It will need at least seven days worth of data to base predictions on. It is based on predictive analysis and data mining.

What to do if you already have a lot of content?

That is a good thing! …if you have time. If you don’t have time, and you have a lot of content that’s ready to be published, you can use the Bulk Scheduler. With this, you can schedule up to 350 posts at a time across all of your social channels. All you have to do is upload the spreadsheet with your content.

Make sure that the file you upload follows the formatting rules. For instance, the date format. If you’re unsure how it works, you can also download a sample file and edit it according to your needs. A must-have feature that will save your time and increase efficiency.

How to use the Monitor panel to communicate with your audience?

As a growing brand, you will want to know what’s going on in your industry. Maybe you’ve done a bit of research about some of your competitors, but you are keen on taking a closer look at some of their social activities or maybe the marketing strategies they are using to promote themselves. How can you do that?

One way is to look them up on search engines. Another way is perhaps to go to each social network and dig in. But the easiest and the most effective way to do this would be through the Zoho Social Monitor.

Every social channel has multiple columns that you or your team members can add. For example, for Facebook, you can add a column where you can view people’s posts on your Facebook wall, or you can track who is mentioning your brand on Twitter. Or, if you have a Google My Business account connected, you will be able to add a column to the Monitor with all the reviews and ratings you receive. You can respond directly, engage your followers, and build new relationships with them, all in real-time. This would be a great way for you and your team to bring out the best in customer service through social media monitoring.

How to use social media analytics to make the best marketing strategies, avoid bad advertising campaigns and find out who your audience is?

Why do you need to know who your audience is?

If you know exactly who your audience is, you can reduce your expenses made by poor product placement and unnecessary advertising campaigns. And you can customize your product to your audience’s desires. Increasing sales and your general income in the process.

You can use the Reports section to see graphs, charts, and tables of significant metrics on each social media channel. They will help you visualize how your brand/business is reaching its audience and identify strategies and campaigns that are or aren’t working well for you. Here you will find network-specific reports for your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram business profile, Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, or Google My Business.

For example, for Facebook, you can monitor the stats about your Summary, the reports rated to your Audience, your Posts and Engagement stats, the Performance, Reach and Impressions of your page.

In the Audience report, you can see who your audience is, where they come from, what gender they are, and how old they are. All this information will show you who you need to target and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. A feature that will help you increase sales and close deals faster.

Let’s say you need to create and analyze data across multiple social channels to see which one is doing better. For example, What are my Facebook page stats compared to my Instagram profile stats?

Zoho Social has a feature that can do just that!

In Custom Reports, you can create customized dashboards to create and analyze data across multiple social channels. You can add different cards for each network to your custom dashboard as for your requirements. Some of them are: Best Time To Post, Page Impressions vs Reach, Top Posts By (Likes, Comments, Engagement or Engagement Rate).

One last thing: If you see a worrying metric or a metric to celebrate, and you wish to show it to some of your colleagues, how to share reports with others? An easy way to share a particular metric or a full report with your team member is to export it to the Collaborate section, or you can export it as a PDF or PNG to email the report to your team members.

All in all, Zoho Social is a very useful tool to have. It saves you time, helps you understand and target your audience better, and also saves you a lot of money. Just think about all the paid marketing campaigns that didn’t give expected results because you didn’t understand your audience. With a tool like this, that should not be a problem anymore.

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